Yoast SEO – Yoast Step-by-Step Tutorial P12

Learn how to use Yoast SEO plugin, which is considered by most top experts one of the most complete search engine optimization plugins for WordPress.

In this Yoast SEO tutorial, I explain step-by-step how you can setup this plugin and greatly improve your website results in Google and other search engines.

Yoast SEO is loaded with amazing features! One of the most powerful aspects is the SEO box found in each page. This option allows you customize individually each page of your website. You can easily craft a keyword rich meta title and description, and see its preview, or how it will appear on the search engines.

Another newer and very interesting feature is the possibility of optimizing your page for Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

You can choose the title, description and even image that will display anytime someone shares your page on one of the most popular social media networks on earth!

A great way for you to entice more people to click on your links and go right to your content.

During this video I explain how you can use Yoast to integrate Twitter cards onto your website. If you are interested in knowing more about this feature then click here:

For further information about Yoast SEO check their official website over here:

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Video Timeline

0:07 Introduction
0:40 Yoast SEO installation
1:44 General
2:44 Your Info
3:28 Webmaster Tools
4:50 Security
6:46 Titles & Metas General
7:33 Homepage
9:55 Post Types
11:34 Taxonomies
12:10 Archives
13:03 Other
14:39 Social Accounts
15:13 Facebook
18:17 Twitter Cards
19:06 Pinterest Verification
19:26 Google Plus
20:02 XML Sitemaps
22:06 Advanced Breadcrumbs
23:45 Permalinks
24:57 RSS
25:34 Tools Bulk Editor
25:51 File Editor
26:27 Import and Export
27:05 Search Console
27:37 Extensions
28:16 SEO box
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  1. Great Video! thank you

  2. Tam Truong says:

    Thanks for the step by step breakdown!

  3. Sam Zubaidi says:

    Really useful – thank you.

  4. How do you do it if you have a static home page? and a static blog page?

  5. Alex Robles says:

    great job man. thanks

  6. Rohan Patel says:

    Thank You! Nice explanation
    A piece of advice Speed 1.5.

  7. will it work on the free domain website? means if I have a free domain website and I am using this plugin, will my site will search by the search engine?

  8. Nice tutorial. In future when referring to a specific link or section in the tutorial please state the name of the link rather than calling it 'this' and 'that'. This allows us to view our own website seo settings whilst listening to your video playing on youtube. Otherwise, we have to keep switching over from window to window. Hope this makes sense! 🙂

  9. Charm Gamboa says:

    Hi! I'm done with the facebook part but when I post the link on facebook the picture and description doesn't appear.

  10. best explanation for Yoast SEO.

  11. Macau Hill says:

    When I google my webpage I get this weird texts instead of any good information:
    "<my company name> http://www.mywebpageadress.com/<and then the name of my pictures>. How do I change this?

  12. Rich C says:

    Fantastic video! Clean and concise! 10/10!

  13. Helen Arias says:

    Thank you for posting this tutorial. SEO can be confusing and a little boring too 🙂
    Your video helped me make the necessary changes to my blog. I took at look at the Twitter Card link & it's not easy to understand. How important is it? Most of my new followers are from Twitter.
    Also, thanks for mentioning that we do not need to obsess over the Green, Yellow & Red dots. I thought I was doing something wrong because all of my dots weren't green. http://www.healthychica.com

  14. Hola, tengo una duda… me gustó muchísimo el vídeo, pero después de hacer varios ajuste, me di cuenta que en la colocar el mouse sobre la pestaña de la página se repite el nombre… sale de esta manera "Raices spanish raices spanish and culture – ven, conoce y aprende" No entiendo por qué sucede. Qué debería hacer para solucionar esto? Muchas gracias.

  15. Helcim says:

    Yoast is a fantastic plugin for anyone using WordPress! Great guide.

  16. Thanks Jordan for your time putting out this interesting video. Really nice. I have to questions:

    1. Any idea on how I can edit the tagline description from set up product page using Woocommerce? It says "Product – Domain name" and I want to edit the word "Product" on this tagline?

    2. Artist and name of the song at the end of the video? 🙂

  17. I was impressed with this tutorial video. Thanks for your explanation. I may have some questions later.

  18. Elsie London says:

    I'm needing some help with linking my Yoast SEO robots.txt file with google search console.

  19. Hi under Yoast SEO – Social – Facebook – I don't have a title and description in my YOAST SEO to to customize my facebook post; I only have a an upload image option. I currently run 3.0.7 Yoast, is the version of Yoast I have the issue?

  20. thanks but ur voice is unbareable man what is that accent so irritating

  21. Thank you! the easiest to understand!

  22. Koh Louis says:

    @jordanalexo Hi, regarding the snippet. My website is based on latest post instead of static and it does not create a page. How can go about to optimise my snippet ?

  23. Sana Ullah says:

    Some of my pages are not being indexed by google. the sitemap is made with yoast and in google console it says 13 submitted, 5 indexed. why is that? I have no backlinks to any of pages not even for those that are being indexed. my site and all the posts are 5 day old. but some appeared and some not.

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