Yoast Seo Tutorial 2017 – How To Setup Yoast SEO Plugin – WordPress SEO By Yoast

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Learn how to use the amazing yoast plugin! The yoast plugin helps optimize your wordpres website for serch enginges like google.
You can change the way your website appears in the search engines. It can really increase the organic growth of your website as well. In this yoast seo tuorial, i will cover all the things you need to know about the yoast SEO plugin!

The yoast plugin also has features for people to share and identify your website with image sharing, another great way to get more exposure!

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  1. Thanks for watching! Hope this helps. Push the thumbs up!

  2. rohit gour says:

    Thanks for the video, very helpful…@@

  3. Venki S says:

    Hi Darrel,
    was going through your video, one option is not to be seen in Titles and Metas, @video time: 10:57 , where its not displaying options of "Enabled Analysis" under that Readability analysis and Keyword analysis, could you plz advice on this, thanks

  4. Great Video Darrel! Can you recommend anybody who I can outsource seo? Cheers

  5. Thank You! Was very helpful!

  6. I clicked on your outsource seo link in the description, but it did not lead me to the link that i was hoping for. plz help

  7. Thanks Darrel for this quick hands on of Yoast SEO.
    When u said u recommend to hire an Indian 41:01 for good results, it was a very proud moment for me.
    Darrel one small request from my side. I have created my own website http://www.logicalguy.club for proving the way to earn and save money online. Can you please review it for 5-10 mins please and give your quick suggestions. These are few post pages.

  8. Thank you man it's really nice tutorial 🙂 keep doing this.

  9. Ray Mughal says:

    I glad to hear that you got satisfied with Pakistani Freelancers.

  10. Aleksandar says:

    Thank you for the tutorial

  11. Maverickbird says:

    Hi..great video..Thank you for sharing. In my Yoast dashboard, I only have Search Console and Go Premium. Any clue as to how to get the other functionalities you discussed. Tchuss

  12. Tons of help brother! Made me look like an SEO hero after watching. Keep up the good work!

  13. Carrie Almir says:

    Great tutorial! Thanks.

  14. Hi Darrel,
    I have a question, i switch to https instead of http, should i do any kind of configuration in Yoast?
    I tried to change the profile into https instead http, but everytime i do the configuration, i only get http… am i doing anything wrong?

    And regarding the Robots.txt part, I don't have "create a robot.txt file" instead i have "User-agent: *
    Crawl-delay: 30" under the robot.txt and the save option down… should i do anything?

  15. in the post type tutorial part you say the site name (15:50) should be deleted while the yoast tutorial itself says you should never deleted. I am not sure who to trust! 😛

  16. It's 4am in the uk and i decided to watch this.. lol thanks!!.. just made it the whole process so easy and simple to follow.. is there any specific free lancer you would recommend

  17. Amazing Video!!!! Really Really appreciate all the efforts you put in this video, it saved me a lot!
    I have one question tho, all is great until the Robots.txt part, I don't have "create a robot.txt file" instead i have "User-agent: *
    Crawl-delay: 30" under the robot.txt and the save option down… should i do anything?

  18. Rixen Tan says:

    thanks for your vid !! it helps

  19. Fantastic video. I only have one glitch and that's with verifying my site with search console. No matter what I do "verification Fails"Any suggestions please? Thank you!

  20. Thanks Darrel. Really appreciate the way you explained everything step by step. I rarely find such videos on youtube. Thanks. Keep up the good work man 🙂

  21. thepdproject says:

    Subscribed! Thanks for this

  22. BEST TSEB says:

    ow hey darrel , would you please do a tutorial about sucuri ? for website security , and how to switch between hosts , ( FROM BLUEHOST TO PAGELY …)

  23. my dashboard is veryy different ????why i dont know ??

  24. Thank you, you saved my life.

  25. Should I also add the additional Yoast generated sitemaps to the robots.txt file? Thanks

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