Why Blogger // ART VLOG 162

The only thing we need as artists is to get noticed on internet.
My favorite experience after all these years in getting noticed on internet is using google Blogger.

Writing a blog by using google blogger is not enough. U have to write a Seo ( search engine optimization ) article and upload it after with a good quality photo of your art work.

My Mosaic art style:
– Contemporary mosaic art style
– Pop – Art mosaic art style



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  1. joyce jay says:

    (384 subs) Sounds like you’ll need to enjoy writing to keep a blog going, and I’ll understand when you’ll have less and less time to vlog… You have created so many amazingly interesting videos, Ayhan! Let us all know when you decide where you’ll move to. I have something to send you when you get there… or is there a chance that you’ll stay in Istanbul for a while?

  2. Glass Art By Alley says:

    Thank you Ayhan☺. Like all your videos, this was very helpful!✌

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