What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

How do you get a website to appear at the top of a search results page?

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  1. Benedani says:

    when the ad is actually relevant to the video

  2. Linus as fast as possible plz…

  3. Raza Vakil says:

    Dude although your points are good, getting links from other websites for pushing your pages up is NOT unethical or illegal. PBNs (Private Blog Networks) are. There are tons of legitimate ways to get backlinks from authentic sites like Huffington Post by paying a fee to your url that has relevant information (using a backlink of a tech page to promote beauty products is unethical)

  4. Shawn Wing says:

    Hey guys, how about a video on motherboard designations? As in the 3, 7, & 9oo series, and also- the 2, 5,7, & 9o in those numbers also? How do we as consumers use these numbers to more quickly decide on which is going to be best for our next builds?? I'm sure there are many MANY people out there that already know all this- but, I for one am not one of those 🙁 . So how bout it guys? Help a subscriber out??

  5. … Make sure you click the bell button.

  6. gameflux says:

    Interesting !

  7. Riley James says:

    Specifically assumption dry deal roll prosecution marry attitude corporation.

  8. Did I just hear you say "cloud interface"?

  9. Kaas85 says:

    duckduckgo masterrace anyone? no? ok…

  10. Sakonema says:

    All you need to share is porn to get clicks.

  11. am I the only one who notices that Linus's hands are orange? Explain that as fast as possible!

  12. I Love Japan says:

    What is DuckDuckGo? Google literally have everything you need search, mail, maps, translate and they own YouTube that should cover all your internet needs except for porn


  14. ali altaf says:

    can we cool cpu with normal method in past and complimented by keeping cpu infront of AC INSTEAD OF WATER COOLED SYSTEM

  15. What about Google Knowledge Graph and Schema.org? Those are also kinda SEO.

  16. caz1135 says:

    haha the company I work at primarily does SEO

  17. Mr. NoAvatar says:

    Hey (Linus or whoever from LMG reads this), I have a suggestion for a TQ video. Talk about LLC (Load Line Calibration) and how it works, is it useful/helpful or not, and all that. Thanks 🙂

  18. Uzair Latif says:

    4:48 "Simple, powerful, beautiful…." idk why I heard it in Trump's voice 😛

  19. Kenixan2 says:

    is it just me or linus' hands are still yellow from the golden thermal compound?

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