This SEO Strategy = 175.59% More Traffic (NOT CLICKBAIT)

Want to see an SEO strategy that actually works? Then you’ll love this step-by-step case study.

In this case study I’ll reveal how I boosted my organic traffic by 175.5% in 30 days using one of my favorite SEO strategies: Guestographics.

And I reveal the entire step-by-step process in the video. Specifically, you’ll learn:

First, I’ll cover to create create infographics that people want to share (I focus on visual content, but the same rules apply to blog posts, podcasts and videos).

Next, and this is KEY, you learn how to promote your content the right way. And no, I don’t mean “share your content on Facebook” or “email 1000 people with the same generic email.”

Instead, I show you a simple system for getting your content in front of the influencers in your space that are likely to share it.

And of course, along the way I provide lots of examples, scripts and case studies to help you easily implement what you learn.

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  1. Diya Sharma says:

    Hi Brian!! The video is very informative and would surely help me. I have been always following your techniques and surely help me out. I would request you to share some tips regarding the Market Research Domain as it does not contain any specific platform but in a pack of all sectors.

  2. Its great one.. I will be watching this more to understand it clearly. .. Thanks for sharing

  3. If x number of websites add my infographic and intro to their sites I don't understand how these aren't classed as 'duplicate content' by Google? Can you explain why this is please..

  4. Vidar Hwang says:

    Good stuff Brian! Appreciate all the awesome content you put up, and of course the funny strategy names!

  5. Banoshri Dey says:

    Hey Brian, this video help me to get more traffic in my site. Thanks for this 🙂

  6. thanks always help me in my work..

  7. Brian, once I make the infographics and then do guestograpics, will they allow to make a source button where I can mention my name( as mentioned in your video ) under my infographics?

  8. Ajay Verma says:

    Hey Brian
    Great video. I have a few questions, please.
    1) Does the speed of link acquisition matter. I was having a discussion in a group, and the consensus was one should not build more than 10-12 links a month through outreach. Is there a problem if I am getting more responses and can make links quickly. Say 30-40 links a month.

    2) Another consensus was, there should be many social shares to justify the links you are getting, or Google will assume your link building efforts fishy.

    3) I am under the impression that the backlinks, pointing to the site, must be acquired through different techniques and not one kind of links should make the bulk of your link profile. Is it ok if just one method say guestographics or traditional guest posting make the bulk of link profile?

    P.S. As brand new sites are usually seen with suspicion, I am asking the questions in context to a brand new site.
    Looking for your views. Thanks.:)

  9. Good video Brian, I really liked it. When using infographic on my own site, should I have it in the beginning/middle/end or does it matter?

  10. Great Video Brian. Love all your tips. Sometimes I find them little technical for start-ups. Want to try infographics so badly. Of course, the Guestographics. I am nervous now.

  11. Couponscop says:

    Look Forward to Create one thanks for the tip 🙂

  12. ELECTRA-WAY says:

    Useful Info about.SEO

  13. Nice video! Do you share your infographic in different infographic catalogs?

  14. @BrianDean When Will You Show Us Something New? Stop Repeating This 100 Ages old Techniques.. We Already Know All This Stuff!

  15. it's great. but the tips are repeated . I have watched this earlier too. why your videos are repeated?

  16. Kirk Dyer says:

    Freelance graphic designer here with a ton of infographics experience.

    Another tip, is infographics really do well on pinterest. I've created many infographics that have gone viral on that site. This brings me 45,000+ page views a month.

    Thanks Brian for the tips about how to reach out with the mini guest posts. Awesome strategy!

  17. Andy Golay says:

    Gr8 vid and awesome point about emphasizing the content and layout, and outsourcing the design… Go Sox!

    Definitely seeing how the unique context adds value for bloggers, and I appreciate the tip about the contextual link in the article with the graphic itself toward the bottom.

    Intrigued as to how to reach out to journalists; those were some great results you showed!

  18. Hi Brian,

    It's really a good video post. I am gonna use it for in my industry too. you all experience shares worth for many of us.

  19. One of the things I learned in this video is 8:55, whatever niche you belong to, there is always a way to work around, be smarter to grab it and make the content more appealing.

  20. clarityy says:

    Great stuff. Thanks.

  21. Ethan R says:

    If this is click bate I'm going to be pissed.

  22. Thank you Brian. Absolutely precious.

  23. Anke Hohaia says:

    Hey Brian, great tutorial. Thanks for sharing. I still have a question though. Regarding the link back to your site: Are you asking the website owner to link back to your site or do you include the backlink in your 200 words introduction? Also, do you get do-follow or no-follow links or is it something to negotiate. Thanks Anke

  24. Tim Brownson says:

    Love the content as usual and I'm constantly telling other coaches to take your stuff very seriously, but here's my concern.

    As a medium sized blogger in the self development industry I get emails like the template you provided on an almost daily basis and to be honest I'm fed up with them saying things like 'I love your site, or 'I loved that post' it just sounds so disingenuous and fake.

    BUT, and it's a big BUT, if I got an email from Tony Robbins, Martha Beck, Michael Neill or any of the serious players in coaching, then I probably would look differently at that.

    So I'm wondering how much of the success of things like this and skyscraper are more down to who YOU are and the fact that people know it will be good.

    In other words, are smaller blogs and people that are totally unknown really getting the bigger blogs to share the wealth and thus achieving these kind of results.

    I have my doubts.

  25. Image lush says:

    This video actually scratches the surface of SEO secrets. You right when you say that no matter how great your content is, its useless if nobody knows it exists. SEO pretty much forces people to scratch each others backs.

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