The BEST **2017** SEO Complete Course – YOU can rank on THIS!

Josh is back w/ CONTESTs & the BEST 2017 complete guide for SEO – EMAIL ME NOW FOR SEO: — note: the 8 site experiment for the disavow can ACTUALLY be found here:


  1. Bret Moleta says:

    Josh consistently puts out top notch material and backs it up with references. Without a doubt the MOST knowledgeable SEO on Youtube. In fact calling him a SEO maybe an insult…He is a SEO Great Job and thank you for all your hard work

  2. So you are saying that relative inbound links don't help a much these days?
    And no EMDs in late 2017 and beyond?

  3. Awesome info as always!

  4. I always love your stuff. You have great SEO tips to help us grow our business. Thanks

  5. Edison Gold says:

    Well I don't really know that I did wrong.
    Tried SEO, similar strategies used in this video, 1 month old website
    For some reason I tought 1 month is a average time it takes to even get a rank in google. But got none so far.
    How long does it take? 🙁

  6. This is great youtube material! I really feel like Josh is talking at us instead of just looking down and reading a script. I will definitely stay in tune for more content!

  7. Definitely like and share this video. The best in SEO guide. Tips and trends. Just very informative.

  8. Brian Keith says:

    Thanks Josh,
    very useful.

  9. Thanks josh for the great video. love the pics too

  10. This is a awesome video Josh , I love the material that is provided in this video and i am now more confident in taking the next step of what i have learned today , Thank you ..

  11. Josh, thank you so much for sharing this video with us. I will definitely be utilizing some of the tools that you mentioned (such as TOUR) to maximize my SEO efforts. I look forward to viewing your upcoming videos!

  12. SEO is so complex. Considering the big players, an organized and critically thought out program is virtually essential to succeeding in any SEO endeavor.

  13. adrge qerge says:

    how long does it take to learn seo from the beginning and get first SEO job?

  14. Robert Adam says:

    Your video is very informative. I learn lot's of thing today. Your presentation style is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

  15. SEO has always been quite a confusing concept for me, but Josh has broken all the different elements down  into manageable chunks which has really helped me to understand what I need to do and, perhaps more importantly, what I shouldn't be doing in order to ensure my clients get on, and stay on, page one of the search engine results. Thank you Josh!

  16. The Plug says:

    thanks josh, your videos enlighten me and i look forward to coming home from a long day and watching them!

  17. saman Bro says:

    Really,This is a great video. thank you Mr,Josh.specially,I would like to say that this video can recommended to know about Seo.

  18. Thanks dear ,its amazing Videos …really as u said so many people they are uploading videos and confusing

  19. fractal505 says:

    Thanks for making this video! Really enjoyed watching it. Excellent material! YOU CAN DO THIS!

  20. LEON C says:

    Hi Josh. Thanks a lot for your video 🙂

  21. All of my tech and SEO skills are really obsolete by now, so this will really help.

  22. Bobby Brown says:

    Good stuff, honestly the most informative video i've seen on SEO yet

  23. wade boggs says:

    this was very interesting, i was not aware of this at all until i ran across this video. keep them coming !!!

  24. Wow nice very interesting

  25. Lexi Bella says:

    i think this video is the best SEO video ……SEO Complete Course is very importent to me…thank you josh

  26. ryen ron says:

    This is the best SEO Trining I have ever seen on youtube

  27. zherofy says:

    Wow, very interesting points. Thank you.

  28. rozina khan says:

    Do I need HTML and CSS knowledge and what others as well? I'm kinda interested, but I don't yet deconstruct the sub-skills…

  29. Abraam Asaad says:

    Lots of information on Search engine optimisation. Thanks for the help!

  30. it was very clear and easy to follow

  31. Nice, Thank You so Much.

  32. tyrlismail says:

    This is a very beneficial guide with specifics for those new and old to SEO! Thanks Josh!

  33. Great! I'm always looking into learning more about making money online through quality SEO. Thanks for sharing! "Apples vs. Apples" haha

  34. Paracosm says:

    Thanks for the Great and information Video on SEOs Josh! It was really helpful!

  35. this is very importent video for us..thank you …

  36. this is a good review and want to say that if anyone try it he or she must succeed

  37. This video is great and Josh gives great tools for improving search optimization. Who knew you could use the torr browser

  38. minoo min oo says:

    You are hard-working
    I enjoyed watching this video a lot
    I would recommend it to anyone who likes to know about SEO

  39. Really interesting. Rankbrain section especially.

  40. Robert Paine says:

    Great and informative video, thanks.

  41. Great video, thanks!

  42. This is your best music that has been produced for a while

  43. Really enjoyed the video. I'm glad you are giving precious advice to anybody who's looking SEO courses.

  44. Thanks for the information! It was really helpful.

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