SEO Tutorial For Beginners Step by Step 2017

SEO Tutorial for Beginners 2017: Learn step by step how to optimise a site, get to the top of the search results and increase sales!

Free Bonus: 26-Point Checklist for New Websites & SEO Audits:

Section 1: Introduction to SEO
– Course Introduction
– Websites vs. Webpages – The Crucial Difference for SEO! 4:29

Section 2: How To Find The Best Keywords For Your Business
– Keyword Research: The Foundation of SEO 6:08
– How to use the Google Keyword Planner Tool 10:25

Section 3: On Page Optimisation (SEO Best Practices)
– A Template For The Perfectly Optimised Webpage 17:10
– URL Optimisation: Best Practices for SEO 18:17
– Title Tag & Meta Description: Skyrocket your Click Through Rate! 20:53

Section 4: Off Page Optimisation: Link Building Introduction
– The Types of Links that Really Matter and How to Get Them 27:38
– Black Hat SEO: Are Paid Links Worth it? 35:30

Section 5: Final Thoughts & Thanks
– FINAL TIP: How to Get Instant #1 Search Engine Results Ranking! 40:58

Free Bonus: 26-Point Checklist for New Websites & SEO Audits:


  1. Thank you so much for a good tutorial, Daragh!

  2. mike oconnor says:

    Great site and lots of really good information. Had to fight the monotone, boring voice!

  3. Great tutorial. Thanks much!

  4. Bboy Metalix says:

    Very informative! Technically & Practically. Thank you!

  5. Phoebe Liang says:

    This is a good and concise tutorial on SEO.. Thanks a lot! Only suggestion is to improve your tone, otherwise sounds a bit like lullaby

  6. Thanks! It's the best tutorial VOD I've seen so far. So practical.

  7. outstanding chief…well explained

  8. Thank you so much for this tutorial, I found it extremely helpful and learned it, I love how detailed you were in each section and the examples that were shown, it made it easier for me to follow along and take notes. I needed to learn this for an internship and found that after this video I could follow along with what I was being asked and improve the job given to me. Also, thank you for going over the good and bad of SEO, I didn't know about Black Hat SEO, I learned more in these 40 minutes, then I did reading up on a tutorial for hours.

  9. Try getting your energy up. Sleepy video. Had to click off…

  10. This is one of the best tutorial, how do I get more classes?

  11. Goto Dotmu says:

    He is one of the best, Thank you

  12. Kata Bakacs says:

    Dear Daragh Walsh, I really apprecite your work and all your efforts, however when I registered on AdWords on Google, there is a budget I need to set. eventhough on the tutorial you said its free. Please advise how I can proceed, because the system doesnt accept a budget of 0 Euros and I cannot complite my registration. Thank you very much for your or anyone else's reply and help!

  13. There's a light at the end of the tunnel! A normal guy explaining SEO!

  14. Thank you for this video. Really helped me make notes. Although I am a rookie, I now now what to expect from my digital marketing team or at least which direction to steer them

  15. Says the Google Adwords is free but it requires you payment </3

  16. Hi. How can I get the old Keyword Planner where i can see the precise monthly search? Thank you

  17. Daragh Walsh, I am studying seo now. and i found your video is helpful. thank you.

  18. Pete Curnow says:

    A well made video in which a lot of thought have been put in to, one of the best videos on the subject I have seen. Well done.

  19. i am so so new to anything on the internet .. after watching your tutorial i feel so much more intelligent lol .. Thank You for what you do..i tried to figure out where to give u 5stars n a review but im cluless. 🙁

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