SEO Blog Writing and Marketing Services Get More Online Leads [Client Testimonial]

SEO Blog Writing and Marketing Services to get more online leads by Local fitness business shares about his experience with two of Online Visibility Pros most popular done for you internet marketing services: Blog Marketing Services, and Social Media Marketing Services that include branding, optimization, and posting.

Hi I’m Andrew Fodge with Fitness by Andrew Personal Training. We have locations in Scottsdale, one in Old Town and one in North Scottsdale.

What does Online Visibility Pros do for you?

Online Visibility Pros helps me mostly with my social media marketing and also with my blogging. They provide me with consistent, high quality blogs weekly regarding golf fitness, or weight loss, or just general fitness trends that are happening in my industry. They also make my social media where it’s cohesive, it’s clear, there’s a message and people actually get drawn in to it so it does help me with my leads, and then the weekly blog posts help me convert those leads into high quality conversions.

What has your experience been like working with Online Visibility Pros?

So the experience with working with OVP or Online Visibility Pros has been where they’re checking in with me weekly, whether it’s an email or a phone call about the blogging, what kind of information do I want to blog about, how do the blogs look, what tweaks can we make, are there things that I want to start working on that they can help with. So it’s really a collaboration where they’re doing the 90% of work that I don’t want to do, and they’re taking my 10% of the ideas, the concepts, the kind of client I want, and they’re making that happen. So working with them has really been effective, and we’ve been doing it for about 3 or 4 months now and it is driving more traffic to my business.

What has impressed you the most with Online Visibility Pros?

So I feel like there are a few things that impress me with OVP, and that’s one is just the quality of what they’re giving me. I have looked at other search and social media marketers and stuff like that where I don’t feel like they are giving me anything I can’t do by myself, and sometimes I feel like I can do it better. With these guys I feel like they’re finding things that I would want to find, I just don’t have the time to, and so for what I’m paying, I feel like I’m getting the better end of the deal. Instead of hiring my own social marketer, or my own PR and marketing person to work for me and my business, paying a salary, paying benefits and all that jazz, I feel like with these guys, they’re giving me the consistency that I want to see weekly. And being that they’re tracking the results and they’re tracking the progress and they’re showing it to me, and I’m signing up new business, it doesn’t really feel like I’m being misled by what I’m paying for. And so it is a bargain for me, but also the consistency and the quality I’m getting, I know I can’t get that without these guys.

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