SEO 2016 Must Haves

SEO 2016 – video shows search engine optimization for 2016 Google ranking. To download the PDF

How to SEO PDF by Google in search engine optimization starter guide can be viewed here:

Complete SEO “Search Engine Optimization” Training Course by RankYa

How to SEO Video Tutorials and Tips Explained:

Steps for creating Google SEO friendly web site:

Structured Data is another important factor for 2016 SEO

All websites must be created for creating great content that answers the questions of your website visitors. Meaning, write and create web pages for your visitors for higher conversions and Google rankings. Social media marketing coupled with mobile friendly sites will definitely provide better search engine organic ranking results.

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  1. Jan-Jan Defante (janjanboy) says:

    thanks rankya! this will definitely help me strengthen my seo campaign!

  2. Mehul Singh says:

    Go for ” how to create mobile friendly websites


  3. Mehul Singh says:

    hey greate video rankya

    • RankYa says:

      +Mehul Singh thank you Mehul, I am thinking about creating video series for
      “how to create mobile friendly web sites” would that be of interest to you
      or would you like to see some other type of *how to videos* on #RankYa
      #YouTube channel?

  4. without judgment says:

    thank you very very much

    • RankYa says:

      +Billy Allen ll Thank you Billy, as I’ve said in my other comment, I am in
      thinking mode and will provide reply accordingly, thank you for your
      feedback as its much appreciated

    • UncaBilly says:

      +RankYa …as for me, I need the both of them, RY plus a miracle of sorts!
      I monetized last year, and have tried several different things, but the
      subs are coming too slow! I can’t seem to find a good niche… (if I have
      one) 🙂

    • RankYa says:

      +judgment Vone you’re welcome, I am happy to hear that you appreciated
      these insights, also keep in mind that RankYa #YouTube subscribers can
      comment on what type of videos you would like to see created, then I
      consider your input. So let me ask you this: what type of videos you would
      be interested in “YouTube Optimization?” or Google SEO?

  5. BillyBob says:

    Good information, thanks.

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