Lesson 2 – Beginners SEO Tutorial Course – Free Tools

– IN this seo tutorial we are going to look into some seo tools that we will use. These tools will help us choose the correct keyword and concept of our new website. I know this can become a bit boring but it is really worth knowing these tools



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  3. Sujan Thapa says:

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  6. Jo Do says:

    Wordtracker is no longer free. Any alternatives?

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  19. I am entry level learner in SEO. That's why I want to learn from the A B C D. Your video is definitely good but not for me. If possible help me to know the Basic level of SEO.
    Shamshad Jahan.

  20. A very informative video. Free tools are a great benefit. and they can also be great learning tools to those who may be new to operating a website.

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  31. Can you give us other suggestions of free seo tools??
    Some of the tools that you used in your videos are now (in 2012) payed.

  32. Vitor Kono says:

    "stop smoking heheheh" – Cool!!

  33. Enjoyed the tutorial – nice and simple so far – no mind boggling Jargon – Im following along really well – Im about to embark on my first full e.Commerce site which will be selling hundreds of items across several different types of sports so I reckon you tutorials are gonna come in really handy – Thanks

  34. U SHOULD be a commentator toturial is good but u wasted a lot of time u can keep it short and simple

  35. Ali Baba – Thank you for the tutorials. They are a great help for my business. I tried the Wordtracker tool (as seen at 2:32 in your video). No matter what I enter (even "chocolate ice cream") no results are found. Has this website disabled free use?

  36. lizwestoz says:

    Doesn't anybody find it strange that a Man who is so popular & well liked over the internet & famous for his fantastic tutorials, That he just DISAPPEARS from the internet 11 months ago????? Does anybody know him in real life? is safe and well? People don't just disappear?

  37. ztarrfect says:

    @TheHedge007 don't worry about financial loss. There are still many people who would think this is to difficult to do on their own. or they just don't have the time for it. It is only a small group of people that is interested in coding. This tutorial is fantastic jet it just have 7.429 people moment at this moment. So I rest my case 😉

  38. Hey great video, and nice to meet you also

  39. Ali Baba says:

    Hey travisdaron, thanks for your comment, glad you are enjoying them. Let me know how you get on


  40. Ali Baba says:

    Hey TheHedge007, thanks for your great comment. Wow 10 years hey. What sort of web development are you doing these days. Thanks for the support


  41. TheHedge007 says:

    Hey Ali – recent convert to these 🙂 As a web developer for 10 years, let me say: even though your tutorials will inevitably enable some of my clients to do their own thing, I know if they followed your tutorials, they'd be doing it RIGHT 🙂 Therefore, empowering the people even at the expense of financial loss for me is … strangely okay 🙂 I'm referring people to your tuts so if they do want to get to grips with this, it's explained properly! Awesome work, a teacher who knows how to teach!!!

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