How I Built A $20M eCommerce Empire Using A Proven 5-Step System

Fred Lam was invited to share his eCommerce knowledge in Anik Singal’s Weekly Success show with his students from #LurnNation.

Anik Singal, the host of the show, is one of the industry-leading Internet entrepreneur and has been endorsed by some of the most famous names in the world. These endorsements includes Robert Kiyosaki, the best-selling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, Bob Proctor, the best-selling author of The Secret and the world’s #1 motivational speaker, Les Brown.

Anik has a mission to host a weekly show called Success Weekly to inspire individuals to start an online business and be part of his #LurnNation and in this episode, Anik has invited Fred Lam to the show to share with everyone on how he built his $20M business eCommerce empire with a proven, repeatable 5-step system.

This system has been used many thousands of people with little to no knowledge to start from zero and build their own eCommerce business selling products without ever seeing them and owning them.

In the entire show, Fred Lam has showcased everything. He even shared how you can setup an advertisement on Facebook. Everything shown is step-by-step!

We’re entering in a new era of entrepreneurship and Fred’s system allows any individuals who are hungry to get started to start building an online business.

In fact, at the end of the show, Fred Lam has gave out a free gift which is a 10-part video training series where he takes you by the hand to start your own eCommerce business from scratch!

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  1. Cool stuff. But dude just to let you know the introduction took more than 7 min. To be honest it's not a good start to begin with. Just jump right into it and stop repeating. I was about to dislike the video for that even though I'm getting useful stuff. So next time , as an advice , don't bore people with your repeated words and just give yourself an introduction about 1-2 min. Thank you 🙂

  2. Wellington New Zealand

  3. All of these are now old stuff

  4. You don't look like a person who has a 20m !

  5. iToxicMusic says:

    I look forward to more videos.Keep it up!

  6. thank you so mach it was great.i just have one question !!!! how ALIEXPRESS will realize that the add u just made its from you .like u just copy paste the words from ALIEXPRESS and u didn't put no URL or any thing from main website(ALIEXPRESS) to ur add . can u PLZ PLZ PLZ explain !!!???

  7. Good! Keep it up!

  8. Musa Jallow says:

    i want to join this online business now! go go go and get money online to bring cool fresh water to Gambian villages !

  9. I can' believe you only scratched the surface of eCommerce business in this training! It's like trying to drink water from a fire hose lol

  10. This is just Amazing, so generous of you to put it on YouTube and spread easy to follow valuable information! Thanks again!

  11. Rohan D says:

    … who ships the product ? does the shopify link re direct to the amazon one ? right now all we have done is copy and create the "ad" in our shopify ac

  12. Laga Naruto says:

    so for this business do we have age limit or not

  13. Ng SigKiat says:

    Wow!  that is great , like it and more interest ecommerce.

  14. where is the part when he pays the vendor and tells him where to ship under his name?tnx

  15. thanks that this opportunity to follow you and I highly happy to deal business with you guy.

  16. Jean Larose says:

    This is great I love it, [ ]. It has been a great help to my online advertising business. Thank you so much for such a helpful program. It's the best among equals.

  17. Crazy5 says:

    so much fluff and so little valuable information..

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  19. Abdulsalam from Nigeria

  20. eliudes angola luanda i want to know all this work my friend

  21. Oliver Wood says:

    How effective is selling a product with a markup when the customer can easily find and order the exact same thing at the base price and receive the same service in terms of shipping?

  22. Lemon Ye11ow says:

    Liverpool UK here xxx

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