Beginners SEO Tutorial Course – Intro

– This is the start of our new course. We are going to learn techniques on how to get our pages more highly ranked, how to get us on the first or second page. We will look into how to get the correct keywords, where to get the correct keywords and how to find out if people are looking for it. This will be a longer course but very worth while



  1. im interested on learning seo. and i want to build a career as an seo. this video is very helpfull thanks and more power to you

  2. naseema sk says:

    hi i'm very new to seo could you please tell me how can i practice seo quikly

  3. thank you very much

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  5. @gqfvhcf My bank account is exploding these days ($800-$1200 a day). The most important thing is finding the right niche, a hot niche that wants to buy. Check this if you wana learn how

  6. Meeta Seth says:

    Hello Ali. I've a fashion website and don't seem to be ranked and don't get the traffic I need.
    I'm not so great at understanding SEO. Would you be able to help me by reviewing what I'm not doing. Willing to pay for the service

  7. Tarek0593 says:

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  8. J Brady says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! About time someone did some decent seo tutorials. Leave it to you to be the one 😉

  9. Great topic with appropriate approach. Looking forward to learning along with you.

  10. AdobeVidsMx says:

    Ali, I have been waiting for this for months finally…
    This course will be very intressting and exciting.


  11. Ali Baba says:

    Hey thetechall , i am working on it now so hopefully can some out soon


  12. Ali Baba says:

    Hey Techn0Junki3, yeh it will be both, it will be about getting your page higher ranked and also generate money

  13. Katrina Sews says:

    Just thinking about you Ali, and as soon I go to the tube a new vid. Thanks a ton for this, I needed this a lot.

  14. snaggypaggy says:

    Awesome. Thanks ONCE MORE!!!!!!!

    I have to donate to you.

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