Are Youtube Tags Important For Video SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

While trying to optimize your YouTube videos for success! Should you use YouTube tags to get views?
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Proof that this works? This video has only generic tags!

While trying to get more views on youtube, many creators ask themselves if tags really are important for youtube seo. The answer is suprisingly shocking. Youtube TAGS really don’t matter all that much for search results, or really anything that we can easily test.

The most important part of youtube search engine optimization is writing a proper description which is the key to growing your youtube channel. Considering how many people search “how to grow your youtube channel” clearly many people are searching for tricks and tips, and most people say that optimzing tags is key for video seo, however that’s false.

However even metadata isn’t truely the key to growth, it’s one of the steps to build a youtube growth strategy. You need to find ways to add personality to your content, so that viewers will subscribe.

Remember, how to grow your youtube views isn’t the only part of growing your youtube channel! Growing your youtube channel is going to require engagement in order to achieve what you wish to achieve in terms of youtube success.

Whether that is active subscribers, active viewers, or leading users off site to your business or network. In our case we run a youtube multi channel network, where we partner users to help improve their adsense CPM by partnering them in our cms so they can become a youtube partner without adsense. This also allows our partners to get paid via paypal instead of relying on direct deposits.

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