Advanced Step-By-Step SEO Tutorial (2017)

If you want higher Google rankings, this SEO tutorial is for you.

In my experience, success with search engine optimization comes down to getting the fundamentals right. Then moving onto advanced SEO strategies and techniques.

And that’s exactly how this SEO tutorial is structured.

First, you’ll learn how to improve your site’s loading speed. As you see in the video, site speed is a misunderstood Google ranking signal. I show you the true impact of loading speed and rankings.

Next, we tackle technical SEO — a critically important part of succeeding with SEO.

Once we cover technical SEO, it’s time for keyword research. I show you my 3 favorite ways of finding uptapped keywords that your competition doesn’t know about (#2 is my favorite).

Now that you have a keyword, it’s time to create content around it. But not just any content, content that makes people say: “WOW!”. I’ll teach you some actionable tips to do just that.

Finally, it’s time to promote your content. Most people fail with SEO because they don’t do anything to promote their stuff (besides sharing it on social media). But to rank in Google, you need backlinks. And I show you one of my favorite link building strategies of all time (step-by-step).

And at the very end of the video I have a bonus tip for you. I show you how to optimize your site for Google RankBrain, which is easily one of the most important developments in SEO over the last few years.

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  1. Rakesh Kanth says:

    plz do a video about infographics

  2. Birhanu says:

    wonderful video, your video is much helpful. may i ask you the technical part/practical part of the SEO? I am developing a new website for my own shop but I can't get for specific/unique word in google search engine. thank you

  3. the only seo guide I've found that doesn't have a whole video of 'duh', had some pretty interesting ideas and techniques, thankyou. SUBSCRIBED!

  4. choyon saha says:

    Mr. Brian Dean i just complete one video, which was fast & i LoooooV it so match. I am so happy to see your Complete practical SEO guide.

    Thanks a lot for

  5. RJ Li says:

    Thank you so much, You did the best video

  6. Coco Money says:

    Hey Brian, I liked your "time to chill" moment.

  7. I don't know what to do anymore. Speed wise my website loads fast, but in the eyes of Google is very slow (going trough the test) . The problem is with the design of the page (homepage), and I spend so much time to work out ways to add some more content to my home page (and any other pages on my website) so it can provide more text for Google, not only images.
    So I'm quite desperate of what to do, backlinking game seems to have changed quite a lot, as I'm noticing lots of online platforms (within the photography industry) have moved they are comment section to FB etc. I don't know maybe is just the photography SEO that is a bit awkward to do.
    I see less impressive websites, in my area, ranking way better – and not only ranking but getting some solid traffic as volume….. I totally don't know what can I do more. Any helpful advises will be appreciated, thanks.

  8. Noor E says:


  9. Jay Lee says:

    Very impressed

  10. Dipti Kumari says:

    It was very helpful..thanx

  11. I will use
    1) small URL
    2) a number in the title
    3) Good long content
    4) Good keyword as you say – try search in google with the key word
    Thank you – Best regards,
    Lars Stounberg

  12. Awesome video, extremely useful! Thanks for your content!

  13. sir you are awasmmm

  14. Brandzo says:

    Amazing video. Could you please explain the concept of broken links?

  15. Hey Brian, what hosting company you recommend?

  16. Waheed Khan says:

    Hello Brian, fantastic Video! Now that's a super practical guide on SEO.

  17. Noe Morin says:

    Thank you, Brian. It's good people like you that inspire me to help other marketers.

  18. Birhanu says:

    Your video tutorial is very helpful and I appreciate it. Now I am developing a online shopping website, but I am facing a problem on ranking my website in google. could you share some SEO tools(keyword) or source of code to apply in my website?

  19. Tubeman777 says:

    Superb information Brian
    Thank you very Much!

  20. it's very essential for me because i learn seo.

  21. Dhruv Patel says:

    Pagespeed is important but I have seen that many big brand websites don't have high loading page speed. It seems like page speed has very little influence in ranking.

  22. The quality of the video is great. I am building Amazon affiliate site using blogger and this will helped me a lot. I have started the work by improving page speed. So thank you for that.
    I was also planning to share what I know about SEO and other stuff in form of videos. But being one person I might not be able to get that quality, but then I think content matters most, and if I will keep on creating, the quality will gradually improve. But then there is another though… Google and the users wants to see the best content, so I should take time to produce the best or leave it altogether if do not find that much time. Can you suggest me something on that?

  23. Boxing Now says:

    Brian Dean, John MacKay from high school. Great to see you are doing well! Great videos bud. I was searching SEO and found your stuff

  24. Zain Shaikh says:

    well explained keep up the good work

  25. Semrush is good with the exception that when comparing traffic stats to google stats they don't match

  26. Really awesome, love the broken link technique to get the backlinks. Thank you

  27. Area Tech says:

    video with subtitles this is awesome

  28. Andy Yong says:

    clarity , relevant & delivery = legendary .

  29. I love this guy! Thanks again for AWESOME content that's easy to understand.

  30. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!! I think I'm in love with You! Truly, this the BEST advanced SEO I have found!

  31. Shaun Mattos says:

    Great video! there is nothing better than this out there.. Already subscribed and waiting for your next vedio.

  32. Make more videos! You are awesome

  33. Fakrul Suman says:

    Broken link building

  34. You are always rock 😀

  35. Thanks Brian, looks like I'm going to have to work on page speed first. :-/

  36. loved ur video….v easily explained.. thnax.. 🙂

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